Notes from the Artist


As an artist I have found the challenge with abstract painting is how to eliminate image while maintaining the emotional content and communication I believe is imperative to art.

I paint and have painted in many different ways-styles– all the time the paintings-the figures-the faces-the abstracts all inform each other—and I learn along the way.

I paint with observation not intent. The painting informs itself with previous pallets participating in the dialogue. My unconscious movements, strokes and marks represent the DNA of my experience comprised of both my physical condition and psychological set.

These marks appear unconsciously and repetitively in my work. They are an individual signature expressed through a repetitive unconscious behavior from stroke to stroke— from mark to mark combined with the choices made along the way.

As the artist my goal is to communicate. And as I paint an abstract that which matters is what I relate to. For the closer I get to self hopefully the closer I get to my audience. – Barnett Suskind