Critics Comments

“Suskind restores opulence to the female body, and with that dignity”.

“Surveying the centuries old history of female nude imagery, one realizes that the only precedent for them (Suskind nudes) is the prehistoric fertility goddess, most famously the Venus of Willendorf, dated about 30,000 B.C. She has many sisters.”

– Donald Kuspit

“Beauty is what gives these Venuses their sense of stability, their Anchorage. But still these paintings are not quite nude in the ideal sense. Rather Barnett’s nudes envelop nakedness and each body and gaze expresses its own individuality.”

– Robert C. Morgan

“Suskind’s portraits… Makes the viewers feel, finally, not simply as if we know the subject -intimately, routinely, or at the very least “from somewhere” – but as if we could just as easily be the subject. By casting his subjects “as themselves,” Suskind cast them as all – or, better put, any – of us.”

– Peter Frank

“Suskind’s gift as a painter is to remove his figures from the royal and mythic backgrounds and idealized proportions that Rubens and Boticelli presented in order to capture tangible universal moods.”

“The emotional states of Suskind’s portraits are without antecedents in the history of art, and this cutting to the core, this way of expressing inner, unspoken states–is Suskind’s gift.”

 – Jan Castro